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Genus nameZymomonas
Alternative names
NCBI taxonomy ID541

Taxonomy (MiDAS 2.0)


16S gene copy number2-7

 In situOther
Hydrophobic cell surface13

Proteins/Amino acids

POSNEGVariableNot assessed


Facultative anaerobe 14. Rod shaped, occurring singly, in pairs, rosette-like cell aggregrates, cell chains, or filamentous morphology 11 12 14. Chemoorganotrophic, growing on and fermenting 1 mol of glucose or fructose to almost 2 mol of ethanol, 2 mol of CO2, and some organic acids such as lactic acid 14. No detectable intracellular lipids, glycogen, or poly-β-hydroxybutyrate14. The in situ physiology of the genus in activated sludge has not been determined.

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 In situOther
Aerobic Heterotroph1112
Nitrite Reduction
Sulfate Reduction
Short-chain Fatty Acids
Proteins/Amino Acids1114

Abundance Information

 10 % percentileMedian90 % percentile
Activated Sludge000

Predominant In-


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[14] - -

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