The MiDAS Global Database is a world-wide survey of microbes in wastewater treatment systems. It’s goal is to collect samples from as many wastewater treatment systems as possible from around the globe – to produce a (near) complete list of all microbes that can be found therein.

The database will be constructed based on full length 16S rRNA genes, obtained with the novel, primer-bias free sequencing method (Karst et al., 2018); all microbes will get a unique identification tag, which can be used for many future studies in environmental biotechnology.

The global database is expanding all the time, with samples coming in from all over the world (see the updated list of participating countries here). At this point approximately 400 wastewater treatment plant have sent samples to the MIDAS Global Database project.

If you would like to join in this exciting project, or have recommendations for other participants, please contact us by clicking here.

We are currently in a process of setting up a similar world-wide survey of microbes in anaerobic digesters (planned start in May 2018).

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