Protocols for sampling

In order to establish a comprehensive database, we are looking for as many different types of plants as possible (activated sludge, biofilters, granules, etc.) and different processes (e.g. EBPR, anammox, …), handling a range of sewage compositions (municipal, industrial and mixtures of these). We generally only include samples from one site in the plants, unless it has distinct lines, that are very different and no recirculation.

Sampling at the plants should be performed from the aeration tank. Samples should be kept cold, as detailed in Appendix A. We recommend that the samples are send directly from the treatment plants to country coordinator (day-to-day delivery). After receiving the samples, a small amount of sample should be transferred to individual tubes containing a preservative (non-toxic RNAlater™). We will provide the equipment necessary to transfer sample materials and labelled tubes containing preserving agents.

pdf Appendix_A_protocols_for_sample_handling_for_wastewater_treatment_plants.pdf

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