Microbes in Anaerobic Digesters


 Sampling is taking place January-September 2019. See the list over coordinators in the different countries. If you wish to provide samples or want to be a country coordinator from countries still lacking a coordinator, please contact Vibeke Rudkjøbing (vrj@bio.aau.dk). We wish to include samples from as many countries as possible.

Samples: In order to create a comprehensive database, we are looking for as many different types of Anaerobic Digesters as possible (full-scale and pilot-scale (not lab-scale unless after agreement with us), mixed sludge, biofilters, granules, etc) handling a range of feed compositions (primary and secondary sludge on wastewater treatment plants, food waste, industrial waste, and agricultural waste and mixtures of these. Most emphasis is, however, on anaerobic digesters treating wastewater related sludges and mixtures of this and other feed sources.

Each country coordinator will receive a list of the microbes present in each Anaerobic Digester sampled, based on 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing, to share with the plant operators. Plant names can be kept confidential if desired – please let us know.

Map and list of coordinators

Protocols for sampling

Sheets for metadata

Global MiDAS team

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